Cavas Abadal

Cavas Abadal


Celler Abadal

Santa Maria d’Horta d’Avinyó Barcelona – catalunya Espanya


The beauty of the cave and its surroundings, make an essential tour of Abadal that captive by the landscape of dense forest and vineyards that surround us, by the peculiar barracks vineyard – dry stone buildings, witnesses of the past of this area — and surprising both for its history and the identity of our wines.


  • Old cellar of the farmhouse s. XII, preserved in original condition, it is one of the jewels of the wine culture and history of the area that take us back in time letting us know what was the way of life of the territory. (Interior groups of 25 people maximum).
  • Private family collection, dedicated to the transport carriages, old trucks and utensils that were used for making wine.
  • Introduction to the cultivation of the vine.
  • Winery and winemaking barrel room.
  • Tasting at the visitors center of our Abadal Picapoll indigenous variety of the area, only if interesting taste and palate, accompanied by breadsticks.

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