Inland and Mountain Routes


Route to Turó Gros: We discover the surroundings of Caldes de Montbui -with its Roman baths and its emblematic Font del Lleó- and we will enjoy a beautiful landscape of cereal fields and aromatic and shady Mediterranean forests, with views of the nearby Farell mountain range and the valley of the river Caldes.

Track Route: Ruta del Turó Gros


Route Palau – Hostal del Fum – El Negrell: A very interesting route to enjoy the panoramic views of the Vallès Oriental and the Vallès Occidental from the Serra del Negrell and get discover the stream of Caldes, a biological corridor that connects the pre-coastal range with the coast. While pedaling we will discover the Hostal del Fum park and the train of Palau, as well as marvel at the imposing estate of Torre Marimon.

Track Route: Palau – Hostal del Fum – El Negrell



Route Sant Marçal by Els Terrers: A circular route that takes us to one of the most emblematic places of the Montseny, the old monastery of Sant Marçal, from where we enjoy very good views. On this route, we will see traditional farmhouses of the Montseny and we will see the headwaters of the Tordera river in Font Bona.

Track Route: Sant Marçal por Els Terrers


Sant Marçal route and the western slope of Les Agudes: A circular route to discover wonderful biodiverse places and landscapes of the western slope of Les Agudes, in the Montseny massif. As we pedal, we will enjoy the tranquillity around the old monastery of Sant Marçal and we will discover the streams that feed the river Tordera.

Track Route: Sant Marçal y la vertiente oeste de Les Agudes



Route through the torrents of La Rovira and Sant Genís: A circular route that allows us to discover the richness of the fresh riverside forests and the historical importance of the farmhouses and mills and their agricultural legacy, still alive, in the Lluçanès area. In this route, we will enjoy panoramic views of the Pyrenees, a view that no other Catalan region can match.

Track Route: Ruta por los torrentes de la Rovira y Sant Genís


Route through the Olost stream and the hermitage of Sant Adjutori: Exigencia física mediana, temps total efectiu 2:00 h, distància total 14,8 km, desnivell acumulat 392 m, altitud mínima 497 m, altitud máxima 623 m, punto de salida / llegada Camping Lluçanès, población Olost.

Track Route: Ruta por el torrente de Olost y la ermita de Sant Adjutori



Ruta Paseo por Rupit: A circular, easy and quiet route that is ideal for a family day out to discover the charming medieval town of Rupit and its winding stream from different perspectives.

Track Route: Paseo por Rupit


Ruta El Salt de Sallent: We discover the spectacular waterfall and viewpoint of Salt de Sallent and the vertiginous cliffs of Pujolràs that frame the waterfall. There are also views of the reservoir of Susqueda, the Far sanctuary, and the beautiful medieval village of Rupit. A unique experience in the heart of Collsacabra.

Track Route: Ruta El Salt de Sallent



Route Between farmhouses, vineyards and tubs in the stream of Mura: A circular, long and demanding route which reveals the sinuous stream of Mura with the magical Ulls del Riu Llobregat, and the terraced hillsides with vats, huts and margins of dry stone that remind us of the rich wine-producing past of this attractive area of Bages.

Track Route: Entre masías, viñedos y tinas en la riera de Mura



Route Around the Agulla Park: A very quiet and family-friendly route to discover the park of Agulla, a recreational area of Manresa characterized by its beautiful artificial lake with splendid views of Montserrat. We will also visit the Sèquia de Manresa, a 26 km canal built in the 14th century to take water from the Llobregat River to the capital of the Bages.

Track Route: Vuelta por el parque de la Agulla


Route The magic of a medieval canal: We discover the Agulla park and follow a section of the old Sèquia road, a fantastic engineering work from the 14th century that is still in operation today, located in the middle of Pla de Bages. We will visit places as peculiar as the Romanesque architecture ensemble of Sant Iscle and Santa Victoria del Bages, from the 10th and 11th centuries. We will reach the wetlands of La Bòbila, where we will easily observe bird life.

Track Route: La magia de un canal medieval



Route Around the Salo stream: A circular route around the Salo creek that allows us to admire, in addition to the strategic situation of the village of Salo, the sinuous forms of this watercourse surrounded by riverside forests as well as the historical use of a Middle Ages mill to grind the wheat of the nearby fields of cereal.

Track Ruta: Por los alrededores del arroyo de Salo


Route The barracks of Cal Jep Xic: A circular route to the north of the Salo creek that shows us the agrarian landscapes of Bages and some of its most characteristic elements: the huts and the dry stone vats. As we pedal, we will enjoy large areas of arbutus and fabulous views of the Pre-Pyrenees.

Track Route: Les barraques de Cal Jep Xic



Route The landscapes of Vilanova de Sau: In the middle of the wooded landscapes of the Guilleries and overlooking the reservoir of Sau, we will discover ancient farmhouses and the picturesque centre of Vilanova de Sau, of medieval origin. There will be a combination of trails, dirt tracks and asphalt tracks: calm and undeveloped roads that will allow us to enjoy the ride and the surroundings.

Track Route: Los paisajes de Vilanova de Sau


Circular Route to Malafogassa: A long and demanding route that goes deep into the Guilleries massif which is full of stories and legends. We will see extensive forests of pines, holm oaks, oaks, chestnut trees and beech groves. On the way we will observe farms, hermitages and old barracks and enjoy panoramic views of the Sau reservoir and the mountains that surround it.

Track Route: Circular de Malafogassa



Route by the Tenes river: A circular route that introduces us to a recovered fluvial space and its great natural and cultural wealth, with a profusion of engineering works. Mosaics of agricultural and fluvial landscapes that change depending on the time of the year, with farmhouses of medieval origin like Can Plandorit.

Track Route: Ruta por el río Tenes


Route through Can Cabot, Bruguer and Sagrera: A circular route that brings us closer to the rural landscape of the Vallès Oriental and allows us to enjoy beautiful views over the cliffs of Berti and Montseny, while discovering the historical neighbourhood of La Sagrera and the old farmhouses in the region.

Track Route: Ruta por Can Cabot, el Bruguer y la Sagrera


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