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The Natural Parks of Barcelona

Barcelona és una ciutat vibrant, però també és el punt de partida ideal per explorar impressionants parcs naturals.

Montseny Natural Park

This is the oldest park in Catalonia and a treasure for nature lovers. With 31,063 hectares that stretch between Barcelona and Girona, Montseny offers impressive biodiversity. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978, the park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: Les Agudes route, 4-5 hours, high difficulty

This route is ideal for experienced hikers. It starts in the recreation area of ​​Sant Marçal and ascends to Les Agudes, one of the highest peaks of Montseny. During the route, you will enjoy spectacular views and pass through lush forests.

Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac

Distributed between the regions of Bages, Vallès Occidental and Moianès, this park has 13,694 hectares of rugged landscapes and monoliths. Its most notable peaks are Montcau and La Mola, where the historic monastery of Sant Llorenç de Mar is located.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: La Mola from Can Robert, 3-4 hours, medium difficulty

This is one of the most popular routes in the park. It starts at Can Robert and ascends to La Mola, the highest peak in the park, where the monastery of Sant Llorenç del Munt is located. It is a walk that offers panoramic views and rich biodiversity.

Parc del Montnegre and the Corredor

Located near the sea, this 15,000-hectare park in the Maresme and Vallès Oriental is distinguished by its diverse vegetation, which includes pines, oaks, oaks and corks. It also houses medieval churches and Neolithic dolmens, offering a unique combination of history and nature.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: Dolmens Route, 2-3 hours, low difficulty

This circular route takes you through the forests of Montnegre, passing several Neolithic dolmens and ancient hermitages. It is an excellent choice for those interested in history and nature.

Guilleries-Savassona Natural Area

Known for the swamp that flooded the town of Sant Romà de Sau, leaving its church partially submerged, this natural area in the Osona region covers 8,300 hectares. It is a perfect destination for those looking for serene scenery and water activities.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: Pantà de Sau and Vilanova de Sau, 2-3 hours, low difficulty

This route starts in the Sau swamp and heads towards Vilanova de Sau. Along the way, you can enjoy the views of the marsh and explore the quiet area that surrounds it.

Garraf Park

This park of 12,820 hectares extends through the districts of Baix Llobregat, Alt Penedès and Garraf. It is famous for its limestone and dolomite rock formations, as well as the reddish sandstones that give it a distinctive character. It is ideal for hiking and bird watching.

RECOMMENDED ROUTE: Pleta and Plana Novella route, 3-4 hours, medium difficulty

This route offers a perfect combination of natural landscapes and architecture. It starts in La Pleta and goes through Plana Novella, where you can visit the Buddhist monastery of Sakya Tashi Ling.

Barcelona is not only an urban gem, but also the gateway to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Catalonia. Exploring them is an excellent way to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the city.

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