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5 coastal towns near Barcelona

In this article, we introduce you to five charming towns in the Barcelona region that have spectacular beaches. Whether you love the sea or just want to relax on the sand, these places will leave you spellbound. Get ready to discover the Barcelona coastal region and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


With 2.2 km of granitic sand beaches stretching from west to east, Mataró offers an exceptional coastal experience. The Ponent, Varador, and Callao beaches all the way to Sant Simó beach captivate with their natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy the serenity of the beaches while having access to all kinds of amenities, creating a perfect harmony between the marine environment and the community that embraces them.

Arenys de Mar

With a charming coastline that stretches over 3.7 km, Arenys de Mar is a town blessed with beautiful beaches. Among the gems of the coast, the beaches of Cavaió, Picòrdia, Roques d’en Lluc, and Musclera stand out, not only providing a high social and economic value but also shining as true natural treasures. These vast stretches of sand and their crystalline waters beckon to be explored, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the beauty and maritime richness of Arenys de Mar.

Canet de Mar

Discover the perfect blend of nature and tranquility in Canet de Mar. This coastal paradise is home to two unique beaches: Canet Beach, stretching for 1500 meters, and the charming Cavaió Beach, with 600 meters of golden sand. Easy accessibility, whether on foot or by bike, makes this coastline an irresistible destination. With an exceptional state of preservation, Canet Beach has earned the recognition of the Blue Flag from the European Union, while an area for the protection of coastal vegetation on the eastern part of the Promenade celebrates the richness of native flora, with plants like sea fennel, sea radish, sea rocket, and mallow. A perfect fusion of natural beauty and conservation efforts invites you to explore this hidden treasure on the Catalan coast.


Gavà is known for its fine sandy beaches and natural dunes. The town’s beaches, such as Gavà Beach and Estany Beach, are perfect spots for sunbathing and swimming.


Castelldefels is a coastal town that boasts a wide expanse of golden sandy beach. It’s a popular spot for water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. In addition to its natural beauty, Castelldefels has a lively atmosphere with a wide range of activities, restaurants, and shops.

Grab your towel and sunscreen and get ready to enjoy a perfect day at the beach in these charming towns in the Barcelona region.

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