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Complete guide to camping

Going camping is a great opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, relax and enjoy the natural environment. With some preparation and knowledge, you can ensure that the experience is comfortable and safe. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your next camping adventure.

Choose the perfect site

When choosing your ideal plot within the campsite, look for a flat and elevated area in order to avoid water in case of rain. Check if there are services such as showers, bathrooms and water sources nearby. Also, make sure you respect the rules of the campsite and preserve the nature that surrounds you. If you want to relax in your hammock, try to have two trees nearby where you can set it up!

Essential equipment

In addition to your tent, be sure to bring your essential gear. A quality sleeping bag and mat is essential for keeping you comfortable at night. A rug or blanket under the tent will help protect you from ground moisture. Don’t forget a torch or nightlight with spare batteries, as it can get very dark in the midst of nature. Also bring basic kitchen utensils such as plates, cutlery and a portable stove to prepare meals.

Preparation and organisation

Erecting a tent can be a difficult job if you are not prepared. Familiarise yourself with your tent before you head out, practice setting it up at home, and make sure you have all the parts. In addition, we recommend that you organise your equipment so that it can be easily accessed and you can find what you need quickly.

Safety and comfort

Safety is paramount when camping. Check the weather conditions before setting out and wear appropriate clothing for the season and climate. Remember to take a first aid kit with basic supplies and keep your campsite clean and free of food to avoid attracting unwanted animals.

Respect for nature

When camping, it’s important to be environmentally friendly. We give you 3 very basic recommendations: always collect up all your rubbish; respect the natural landscape; and, in times of drought, do not light fires or barbecues.

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